Tips for Preparing a Property to be Photographed

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Your Photoshoot Checklist:Tips for Preparing a Property to be Photographed

Successful businesses have watershed moments, which define, push, and inspire them as they go from an innovative concept to a flourishing company. At we experienced one of these moments when we published a resource called 5 Pro Steps to Create an Amazing Virtual Tour Experience.

The large response to this tool demonstrated that our expertise in creating and developing a company was as well-liked as the technology we were providing to other Virtual Tour Providers and businesses of all sizes around the world.

Our efforts had been centered almost entirely on being the best Virtual Tour Provider. This led us to create marketing inroads and delivering fast, accessible and efficient ways to manage a business’s online presence with our All-In-One Marketing Dashboard.

Our efforts have created possibilities for other opportunities, new ways to serve different industries and beyond.

When I wrote the article 5 Pro Steps to Create an Amazing Virtual Tour Experience, one of my main goals was to make it as comprehensive as possible – showing people what they must do to increase their opportunities to succeed.

While it was comprehensive, we also wanted to provide universal principles that could be applied to all types of businesses and so brought forth The Ultimate Virtual Tour Bundle filled with email templates, meeting reminders, lead gen, and more. Yes, it is geared toward Virtual Tour Providers but the content has proven beneficial for many other businesses.

Fast forward to today and why I decided to write this article – Tips for Preparing a Property to be Photographed. So many of my long-standing customers photograph businesses, properties, and virtual tours themselves, or they hire someone else to do the shoot and lack of preparation is one of the most common problems I’ve come across in photoshoots, businesses, and life in general.

In turn, I’ve discovered property owners, businesses, and agents needed to be educated on how to prepare their properties for the best photographs. A little advanced communication will save time and dramatically improve the end result of a shoot. 

In the past, a majority of photoshoots were delayed due to the fact that the client had only just begun cleaning. The number of objects and messes that needed to be removed was sometimes incredible. (I no longer allow my photographers to clean any part of the business or property.)

And so we created Photoshoot Checklist – Part II (part 1 can be found in The Virtual Tour Ultimate Resource Bundle)

How to Use the Photoshoot Checklist (s)

The reason the first (part 1) CHECKLIST is so popular is that competent photographers have it on hand and use it repeatedly, with each new job.

The second Photoshoot Checklist is a tool intended for photographers to use with renters/owners of the properties they are about to shoot, listing agents, and anybody else working on the project.

You send the real estate photography checklist(s) (or a link to it) to all concerned persons prior to the shoot. This allows the client to get started on preparing for the shoot long before the photographer arrives. The objective is for the scheduled photographer to be free to concentrate on taking gorgeous, professional images.

The checklist, of course, will save a lot of time both during the shoot and in the communication process that leads up to it. Saving time isn’t the checklist’s only objective. Even if just a portion of its suggestions are followed, those who do so will have a far greater chance of the photoshoot being more effective resulting in an even stronger final marketing material.

The checklist is full of helpful hints for making any business or property more appealing. It includes everything from basic reminders like removing personal items and turning off the fans to more detailed suggestions, such as reminders to remove the clutter from the kitchen and bathrooms. 

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