Keyword Research: Six of the Best Free Sites

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Six of the Best Free Sites for Keyword Research

We all know that if you want to succeed online, it’s important to understand the keywords people are searching for. That way you can optimize your content and make sure it is going in front of the right audience. But what about free keyword research tools? Where do they fit in?


We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite free keyword research tools below that may help out those on a budget or who just don’t have time to invest in more expensive programs. These sites will give you everything from suggestions for key phrases related to your niche as well as how many people search each month, which ones are most popular with the users, and more.


The perfect keyword research tool can definitely help you improve your content in a major way online. However, sometimes it just isn’t in the budget when you’re just starting out. That’s okay! These free keyword research tools are definitely a great place to start.

There are no answers, only responses. 

Google Trends

Google Trends

Google Trends is a free keyword research tool that can be accessed directly from Google. It offers an easy-to-use interface, which makes it very user-friendly for beginners. With Google Trends you can quickly get insights into what people are searching for and how often they search for them via charts or graphs. You can also easily compare your topic with others to see how much more popular one thing may be than another in terms of search volume over time. The site provides information about the number of searches related to these topics on Google over time, region, and category. For example, if you type “basketball” in the search bar, you will see that there have been approximately 12 billion searches about basketball since 2004 according to this data source!

The Google Trends tool is especially helpful for identifying the prevalence of keywords and providing important information on local variations. It’s also a great spot to look at how often people search for particular terms, as well as the change in search volume over time.



Reddit is a popular platform where millions of people use it every day to discuss issues they are having, seek solutions, or make arrangements. QuestionDB has created a large database based on Reddit questions that rank importance by keyword and class.

QuestionDB is a fantastic addition to the list. It’s an interactive database that allows you to explore questions on any topic with your keywords. This resource will provide insights into how often these questions are asked on the internet and the location of the person asking them. You can also see which questions are most popular by clicking on “most frequently asked”. For example, repeated searches for information about “hip hop” according to this site have been made by people in the US.

One of the most useful features of QuestionDB is that it allows you to see where these questions are being asked by filtering on a particular country or region. This feature alone makes it a fantastic tool for keyword research. For example, if someone types “how old” into the search bar they will see a list of people asking how old celebrities are. This is valuable information for advertisers since these are the kinds of questions people are asking on the internet.



AnswerThePublic is a free keyword research tool that can be accessed from a browser. The site has a simple interface, making it easy for beginners to navigate. The AnswerThePublic site provides you with user-generated suggestions of queries that other people have typed into search engines that are relevant to your subject matter. This is an extraordinary device for finding phrases you probably won’t have thought of or have overlooked. For example, you enter Online Marketing in the search bar, you select the country and language (United States & English)…….

The free tier limits users to 2 free searches a day but the information you get should keep you busy for a few days, at least.

This tool allows you to view keyword data from some of the world’s biggest stages. They provide keyword research tools for each of the following: Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Google, Google Shopping, YouTube, and Bing.

Keyword Tool Dominator is a keyword research tool that provides you with valuable data about the popularity of keywords. The site helps you monitor the level of competitiveness for any given topic by giving you an overview of how difficult or easy it will be to rank your site based on how many pages are competing for ranking spots. This helps narrow down the number of keywords you need to spend time looking at so you can focus on those that will be most beneficial.

Keyword Tool Dominator automatically includes the Autocomplete databases from Google, Amazon, Walmart, Bing, and eBay when you use one search term to discover hundreds of excellent long-tail keywords.

When you are preparing to do keyword research, another place to start is with the Google “People Also Ask” section. This feature will show you not only search queries that are popular within your country, but also popular global searches. These are queries that people who have searched for the same keywords have also found useful and they are often more detailed than their singular counterparts.

On the off chance that you are searching for questions individuals are asking, Google is an extraordinary asset. In the event that you enter an inquiry with your keyword, frequently a segment shows called “People also ask”. It would appear that this:

“Google People Also Ask” has a lot of benefits when it comes to doing keyword research. For starters, this feature is free and easy to use. You can immediately see what other people have typed in when they are looking for information about your original search query. It is often helpful to find out what information these people are after since they have already typed in something and found it useful. This helps you to determine whether your content covers the topics that people are searching for, or it highlights what information they need. Sometimes this uncovers keywords that may not have been relevant to your original keyword topic, but are extremely popular within your niche.

I’ve saved my favorite for last.

Google Search Console is a free service that helps businesses monitor their site and improve their performance in organic search results.

Once you’ve set up your website, I strongly advise integrating Google Search Console (you may link GSC to Google Analytics for a one-two punch, more on that later). It will provide you with immediate feedback on how well your site is performing online and enable you to spot the low-hanging fruit after about three weeks (the most straightforward things to fix).

SEO is a diminishing-returns process. It’s not uncommon for new sites to double or triple their traffic after optimizing just a few things, whereas going from page one of Google to the first three results on average only gives you a 20% lift in organic traffic. If you optimize both content and offsite SEO (links, social signals), you can get up to a 100% lift in traffic.

Thank you for reading, I hope this has been helpful!

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