How to Respond to Positive Google Reviews

You need reviews to establish your business presence.

You know Google values customer feedback deeply.

You know it’s important to respond to negative feedback (FREE RESOURCE – Negative Review Response Template) but what about those positive reviews that we all love and get giddy about.

In this article, we discuss How to Respond to Positive Reviews.

Positive reviews always bring a smile to our faces and while it may not seem as important to respond to them, responding to them can actually reap great dividends.

If customers are reading a review on Google, they’re only a click away from visiting your website (or your competitors). They’ll likely be curious whether the review is accurate and want to find out for themselves.

Positive reviews are a way to engage with happy customers and keep the conversation going after the sale.

A positive response to a positive review will leave a good impression on the customer, leading to a higher probability of repeat business. 

What should your response to a positive review look like? Remember, customizing the response to the customer’s review is vital.

Here’s an example of what a positive Google review response might look like for a Property Management/Apartment Community Positive Review Response 

“Dear Sally,

Thank you so much for your positive feedback and for taking the time to post this review. It’s our residents that allow us to constantly improve the way we do business. One way we’re really proud of is the quick response time you’ve been experiencing. I’m so glad you’re happy with the quality of work and attention you’ve received from our team at 123 Apartments.

Thanks for your review, John Doe, Owner”

Tips for Replying to Your Positive Google Reviews

1. Reply Promptly

Customers want to know that their feelings, opinions, and experiences matter – how can they know if you don’t bother responding?

It’s an easy win for the business owner or manager.

If you take the time to respond to your positive reviews, you are responding in kind and keeping the conversation going and helping improve your online rankings

This goes back to how important Google reviews are.

2. Respond Politely in a personal and meaningful tone.

Take the time to thank them for their feedback and how much it is appreciated.

If you show how much you care about your customers, they in turn will care more about how well you treat them, how good your business is, and become your best advocate for referrals.

Go into detail about how much your business values the feedback, how much effort is spent improving, and how valuable customer feedback is to make informed business decisions.

When responding publicly on third-party sites such as Google, Yelp, Facebook do not include any personally identifiable information or links to secure pages (such as account numbers or other site logins.)  Always assume that these messages will be read by everyone including your competition.  

Give it some thought before replying – what would you want to hear if you were the customer?

This is how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors.

3. Follow up with more information on your product or business

Thank customers for the review and how much it is appreciated, how you’d love to help them again if they have any questions or concerns.

If necessary, ask how the product worked out, how did/didn’t meet expectations etc…

Follow up with an offer of assistance (even if there are no major problems) –  e.g. how to get the most use out of your product, how to store it better etc…

4. Send a Free Product or Discount Code

There’s no reason not to respond with something tangible (even if it’s just a discount code) to customers who have taken the time and effort to write positive reviews about their experience doing business with you.

This “thank you” can be your opportunity to convert neutral or negative customers into raving fans and more importantly, lifelong customers.

5. Add Value to Your Response

Ask how you can help with their needs in the future and how you would make it right next time if this product didn’t meet expectations.

Follow up on how you can assist them if there are still any concerns.

Leaving the customer with a positive impression of how helpful (and how easy) it would be to return if there were some sort of problem or concern in the future.

This is an opportunity for additional follow-ups –  e.g. how the product worked out, how did/didn’t meet expectations etc…

6. Don’t Forget Those “Bragging Rights”

Link back to Their Post from Your Website’s Home Page (or link out to other positive reviews)

Make it easy for customers to find their positive reviews (as Google will be more likely to show those in the local search listings).

This is how you build customer trust and brand recognition.

Don’t forget to link back to your own website’s home page from any positive review –  e.g. how the product worked out, how did/didn’t meet expectations etc…

Next time a potential customer searches for your business or products, they will see how positively previous customers feel about doing business with you.  A great opportunity to gain new business!

More views generate Google’s attention and help in local search rankings (such as frequent visits of relevant pages of your site) –  so it is important to respond immediately after every positive review.

Bonus Tip

Add Their Positive Review to Your Website’s Home Page.

On your website’s home page, don’t forget the value a positive review has on the Google Algorithm.  The good news – people are happy with your business, how you responded and how helpful you are.

Positive Google reviews are a great opportunity to improve your online reputation and SEO while better understanding your customers.

With just a few simple steps, you can turn customers into raving fans and more importantly, lifelong customers.

If all of this sounds intimidating and you want help enacting these principles, let us know. Our team of experts is ready to partner with you to create an effective Done For You Reputation Management strategy that drives sales.

Contact us to learn how we monitor your reputation across the web and how we respond immediately with proactive strategies that build trust and recognition.

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