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How to Remove a Negative Google Review

Customers who leave you bad reviews can be a real pain. Not only does it hurt your reputation, but sometimes they’re completely unfair or just plain wrong. You have no control over what customers say about you online, and even if you did, there’s really nothing that can be done to change it.

So how do you remove a negative Google review? 

If the review was posted on Google (and this is where most of them are), then you can request that the reviewer delete their post by following these instructions. It’s important to note that this doesn’t guarantee that they’ll do so, but many people will in order to maintain an amicable relationship with both yourself and Google.

1. Sign in to your Google account.

2. Open Google Maps.

3. Click ‘Menu’ in the top left corner.

4. Click ‘Your Contributions’.

5. Choose ‘Reviews’.

6. Click ‘More’ located next to the specific review you want to delete.

7. Choose ‘Delete’.

8. CONGRATULATIONS! If it worked you will see it has been deleted from your Google account (essentially erasing it from history). If not, then try to reply to the review asking to take the matter offline.

**We recommend requesting/removing reviews if the review was given for the wrong business. If the customer wrote a negative review because of an actual problem you had, they could potentially qualify for legal damages through the courts.

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