Google's New Ranking Explained

Google New Search Rankings

If you have a solid grasp of SEO, then you may already have a rough understanding of why Google ranks sites in the order they do for each search query. If you don’t know much about SEO you’re probably still aware of how good a job Google does provide us with relevant search results (if you’ve ever stopped to think about it).

Google is now making it easier for the everyday user to understand the why and how of search results. They’ve had a page explaining how their search works for quite some time now, but according to their most recent article on July 22, 2021, you’ll be able to click the three dots to the right of any given search result for a bit of an explanation about why the result is placed in the position you see it presented to you. (Read article here)

The information that appears in the “About this result” dialog box is currently in beta status, but it’s better than nothing.

Next week we’ll go into more detail on the steps you can take to Improve your Google Ranking. 

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